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Sunday, May 18, 2008
Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

    Seems like everyone in Nuffnang has been busy trying this game for the past month. What fellow Nuffnangers need to do is to play the game here, and then capture a screen with the highest score they can get and put in onto the blog. The prize? A dinner at JW Marriott and a free movie screening to Made of Honor. More details of that here.

    Me being a part of the Nuffnang community, of course lar I don't want to miss out and I just spent about an hour on this game.

Waiting for the screen to load...

And here I come!

And I thought that was a good score for a first timer...

    But when I checked back the hall of fame... I went WTF!!! People get as high as over 20k!!! Okay fine... I tried it over and over again and truth is, I get frustrated at times... Why? Well, there is a lot of reason why...

When papa and mama fish around, the electric eel is around...

To zap me if I accidentally 'touch' it...

There is only baby flipper when the coast is clear...

And my insensitive mouse makes me harder to pull them up...

    Okay fine... I change laptop and mouse to play again. Slowly and slowly, I improved on my game...

Gradually improving...

And improving...

    Then I remembered the guy who got over 20k. The highest point is the papa flipper, which carry 450 points. By just catching papa flipper, I need to catch 45 of them just to reach 20k.... Die die also I think I can't reach that much lar... So my highest score is just...

My best after one hour of playing...

    So I hope its enough for me to be among the top scorer to get myself the dinner and the movie screening. ^_^

Posted at 12:27 am by Josh524
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