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Monday, May 19, 2008
Someone is getting married...

    Guess who that unlucky person is? Definitely not me. Er, well, he is one of the 85ers baby, and so is his future wife. The first reaction when I know about the news is...

My facial expression, after I heard the news (left) &
my mouth keeps getting wider and wider (right)

    I got nothing against them getting marry. In fact, I am not really that close to him. I am just plain shocked cause as everyone know, marriage needs alot of money... and I mean ALOT... Lets see, there's the phototaking, gown rental, wedding dinner, marriage expenses, engagement rings, invitation cards, bachelor's night out, bachelorette's night out, honey moon... I think that the rough estimation will come out to...

At least RM100,000 right?

    People who are getting marry will of course be aware of the cost. But come to think about it, he is the SAME AGE AS ME!!! And my saving is not even half of RM100,000... How did he manage to get the money?

How was he able to save so much in such short time?!?!??!

    Anyway, his dad is quite rich. So I assume his dad support him for his marriage? But still getting marry at 23... Scary ler... Anyhow, I have nothing against people getting marry young or using parents money to get marry. I am just hoping for one thing only...

Please don't send me any red bomb...

Posted at 04:03 pm by Josh524

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