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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Sean's Birthday is today!

     So fast its been another year. And once again someone is getting older much more mature. Everybody, today is Sean's birthday! Known by many for his bullet speed mouth, people tends to have a question mark on their face after Sean finishes his last sentence.

Sean the bullet speed mouth!

    During UNiM, we tend to either let our mind fly to somewhere or just doze off when he started to talk. Well, he's actually not that bad lar. But the moment he laugh and talk at the same time make us hard to understand what he is trying to deliver. The good old days... Anyway, his fast talking ability is not the only thing famous bout him.. He is the suitable guy to look for during last minute study as well. ^_^

Yactually, its us with Dr. Tom Cross... ^_^

    Predicted he is going to celebrate his birthday this year together with his significant other. I guess everyone already know who she is right? Hehe... This guy know how to hide a secret, but once someone know about his secret; then the whole world will know it too.

Complain is one of his expertise as well? Joking only!

    Did I say he is scared of ghost as well? Oh yes, he is indeed very very very afraid of ghost. Whenever we are sharing ghost story, he will always be the one who will interrupt and try to change the topic. Sean, if you are reading this, I hate to say this but you kena molest by a ghost before lar... Don't believe? Here is the proof...





See how happy you are? Haha...

    Craps aside, I would like to take this chance to say Happy Birthday to Sean! Its been about 3 years since we get to know each other. All the crazy time in UNiM. Wa... Its just seem like yesterday! Wishing you all the best in saving your money to own your dream car. May all your birthday wishes become true!

Happy Birthday Sean!

Posted at 01:17 am by Josh524
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