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Monday, May 26, 2008
How does an alarm clock, donation for the Sichuan victim, and nuffnang is related?

     This particular new housemate of mine just moved in yesterday. He's quite okay at first... But then he somehow did not do something which in return means he did something that annoys me. Sounds quite confusing eh? The photo below will give a more detailed explaination...

Can you guess what is it?

    Basically, I guess he turned on his alarm clock at 8am... AND HE FORGOT TO OFF IT AND IT RING AGAIN AT 8PM!!! AND HE IS NOT IN!!! OMG!!! Listening to the ring over and over again makes me mad!!! It rang for over an hour before it stop. Right now, I am still suffering from post-alarm ringing headache.

    Of course, other than this he is an okay guy. No discrimination against him though. This is his first time so I plan to talk nicely to him that he forgot to turn off his alarm... No more second time please...

    On a seperate note, I am chatting to my uncle whois younger than me while forcefully listening to the alarm melody... He wished me a belated birthday and this is some part of what we have crapped...

Uncle: haha btw gimme your singapore number
Uncle: eventhough i know i won't call/sms you
Josh: then what for you take?
Josh: its like u order chicken chop with french fries but duwan to eat the fries but still ask for more fries?
Uncle: because even if you ask for chicken chop without french fries they still charge you the same price
Uncle: haha whats the country code ar?
Josh: this is the same as u ask for more salt n pepper to go with the fries
Uncle: because salt and pepper are free and since i'm not eating the fries, might as well play with the food
Josh: u must think of all the sichuan earthquake victims, cannot waste food u noe
Uncle: so how, you want me to air mail the fries to them?
Josh: ok also, part of the donation, put ur name on it too
Uncle: how to put name on the fries?? >_<

This is what my uncle come out with...

    Notice how touching he is when I told him I am going to blog about this? Hehe... On another seperate note, before the alarm clock start to make noise, I check my post about the horny guy's birthday(yours truly). It manage to get me 17nangs. That is the most so far I got nanged. ^_^

Woohoo! First time getting 17 nangs

    Thats all for today, think I need to get some rest early as a result of listening to too much "ringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg"

Posted at 08:57 pm by Josh524
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