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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
The truth about Nilai International College...

    Please spend a little time on this,I know its a very long entry full with words but I just want to let the public know this...

    Okay, I am previously from Nilai International College. During orientation, they say that if I am able obtain good results, I can apply for any universities of my choice even though its not listed in their list. At the end of the course, I did obtained a CGPA average of 3.52 and thus I did apply to other Universities. But... somehow the student service manager was unhappy of what I have done thus the following email was sent to me.

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    Is that how a student service manager should reply? She looked down on me because at that moment I am still a student with no particular outstanding achievement. Therefore, my sister helped me to screw her back.

Dear Shakeela Mary,

First of all, I would like to highlight my astonishment and extreme dissatisfaction to have such an e-mail coming from someone whom I presume should have achieved a certain level of qualification and experience to be in the position of a Student Services Manager.

With reference to your e-mail dated 5th May 2005 below, I would like to clarify on certain matters: Her mail: I heard you were here with your mother this morning. Too bad I was not here to see you. How lucky you are!

What do you mean that when you mention my brother was lucky that you were not there to see him? What were you going to do then?
I wished you were there to witness how rude your staff, Jess was to him and my mother.
You should feel lucky I was not there to demand to see you and your boss right away!
Her mail: Because we do not want to do anything with those universities you may apply on your own, ie. Flinders.

To clarify, Flinders have wrote to you only to enquire on the Diploma course syllabus for their evaluation. It is a norm for universities to approach colleges directly and not through the student as they need to do so for an independent assessment.
Wasn't it part of your professional job and responsibilities to ensure that you provide support to all students on universities placement?
And that providing the course syllabus was one of them? If not, please let me know what does a Student Services Manager does.

Her mail: You have applied through our office here:
1. Tasmania
2. Wollongong
3. Aberdeen
4. Nottingham University

Please get your facts right.
My brother has applied for University of Nottingham (UK), University of Aberdeen, University of Techonology Sydney (UTS) and University of Adelaide via your office. However, noted that your / your staff have taken the liberty not submit his application for UTS and Uni of Adelaide, resulting in no reply from these universities hence the opportunity is lost.

As for Uni of Tasmania and Uni of Wollongong, my brother had not apply for this initially however Student Services informed him that these 2 will be applied free of charge and will not be counted as part of the 4 choices of application, hence he agreed to go ahead. However, need to point out that the application that Student Services put in was for:
  • Uni of Tasmania        ----        Electronic and Communication
  • Uni of Wollongong     ----        Mechanical
    Pls note that my brother wanted to further his studies in E&E, hence the above 2 unis applied by Student Services is not applicable to him at all.
In addition to that, his request for application for University of Nottingham (UK) was not done - the response was that he should apply it himself.
Thus, effectively, Student Services has only effectively handles one university's application for my brother!

Her mail: Of course you may go to the market and buy any thing you want. You dont make them (the market sellers) get offer letters for you (get them do work for you) ie:

1. Sit and spend time to counsel you
2. Check your application forms before sending the applications forms
3. Pay for your courier charges
4. Follow up on email and telephone calls to make sure you get the offers letters
5. Call you to pick it up the Offer letters from the office.
6. Counsel you on visa application

7. Apply the visa to the British Embassy for you.
8. Arrange air ticket to UK
9. Arrange airport pick up
10. Arrange Accommodation  
And many others .  

Item 1 to 4
I am not sure how much time you or your staff spend on these, based on feedback, the "service" students get was just "this-is-the-form, please-fill-in-and-submit" which require less than five minutes. Other than that, how about the time wasted which are spent by taking the liberty to apply for uni that are not requested by the student in the first place? I believe this is totally not value adding at all.

Item 5
My brother was the one proactively calling your office to check on the matter. As far as I am concerned, there was no proactive service from your office at all.

Item 6 to 10
These are not applicable as you have not spent any time doing these arrangement. So please get your facts right!

In addition to the above on your e-mail, I would like to raise that the level of service and attitude by your staff and yourself is TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL and NOT ACCEPTABLE.

On 5th May 2005 between 10 am to 12 pm, my mother and brother made a trip to Nilai International College (NIC) to collect his final semester results, only to be given an extremely UNACCEPTABLE TREATMENT by your staff, Jess:
  • Jess was being very loud using Chinese on why does he need to apply for other univerisities when preparation for placement in Uni of Aberdeen was completed.
  • Jess also mentioned that her manager (ie you) are unhappy that he is applying for other univerisities.
  • When my mother enquire about University of Glasgow which was associated with Nilai College, her reply was that University of Glasgow that was published in brochues and prospectus for NIC was for display only and Student Services will not help in applying.
  • Jess was also constantly promoting that my brother should be accepting the University of Aberdeen offer due to the economic condition of student and there are more oil companies in Aberdeen for job opportunities. Jess also added that Glasgow have high crime rates etc which was obviously trying to induce us to take up the Uni of Aberdeen offer.

    I would like to point out that:
    • Jess' attitude was totally intolerable. Her crude remarks was unacceptable.
    • The bias-ness towards students accepting the Uni of Aberdeen offer is defnitely questionable. Are Student Services really acting in the interests of the students or interest of themselves?
    • She does not posess the skills and knowledge to even counsel and provide the students with correct information. She was not aware that Glasgow was a bigger city than Aberdeen and she was not aware that oil companies provide more opportunities to Mechanical Engineering student and not E&E student. My mother has to point it out to her instead.
    • I strongly believe that you as a manager not only have not managed your staff well in providing excellent services to student, and you have been unprofessional in discharging your duties.

      The choice on which universities' offer to accept is entirely up to the student and since due to a recent development that Scotland is offering students who to stay on to work for 2 years after completing their studies, my brother has the very right to seek advice and guidance in order to make the correct decision by exploring other opportunities available.

      Due to all the above, you and your staff have put my brother and my mother through an unnecessary emotional distress. Hence I am definitely bringing up this matter further to the higher level of management.

      I would also like to remind you in advance that I do not wish for you or your part exert any further unnecessary distress or any poor level of service for that matter should my brother or any member of my family be dealing with you in the future for graduation ceremony / obtaining official testimonials etc, failing wish I will not hesitate to take any action.

      Please do not send any unnecessary harsh e-mails to my brother. Please send your correspondence to me directly instead.
    Is there any action taken? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All they do is delay the time and NEVER REPLY ANYTHING CONCRETE!!! They thought this will eventually fade away. Too bad, I am still keeping this email until now. Looking at the power of the blogging community these days, I am finally posting this up. I would love to elaborate and I will do so if there is people out there who want to know the full details of this story.

    I don't want anyone else to fall victim into this college. So please keep in mind that if this had happened once, it will happen again.

    Pass this on to everyone you know. Avoid the same mistake that I did.

Posted at 10:39 am by Josh524
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