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Monday, September 03, 2007
Kajang Satay

    Last monday, there is a small gathering with some friends whois still suffering enjoying studying in UNiM. Initially, only me, Eu Ling and Jermaine are going to have Kajang Satay together. Then CY and KK came along. We had Kajang Satay as dinner, and we spent the rest of the night talking and crapping and laughing like mad people.

CY, me, Jermaine & KK (Eu Ling the camerawoman)

KK swapped place with Eu Ling Tongue

What we talked/crapped/discussed about:

~Dota is becoming more like a unisex game (Jermaine seems interested and Eu Ling is currently a hardcore Dota gamer)

~Its hard to blog without a personal camera (Cause I don't have one, and I keep on bugging Eu Ling to send these photos to me)

~I still look young (Jermaine thought I am in year 1 engineering Tongue)

~CY have a huge stomach or a very smooth digestion system (CY said that he and 3 of his friends manage to finished off 200 satay)

~Two guys who camwhore together looks gay (Me & CY camwhore for one pic, then immediately delete it because it was TOOOOOOOOOO gay)

~Clubbing/clubs is the best lepak place at the moment (Last time we have CCs, then mamak stalls, now it has been taken over by clubbing/clubs)

Posted at 09:21 pm by Josh524

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