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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Gifts from my mother and sisters

    Last week, my mother and sisters travelled to Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau. They went with one bag each, and came back with ALOT of bags... Of course, they have a bell boy service (a.k.a. me) to help them unload the bags.

Fanatic shoppers...

   I wonder how come girls manage to carry alot of stuffs when shopping is involve but hardly they will help out moving moderately-or-not-that-heavy item in the house? Anyway, the best part is... they bought me alot of stuffs as well!!! Hehe... Worth my time and strength to help them. I sound so bad right? Tongue

My formal suits

Semi formal suit

    Yes, the 3 suits are from G2000 and they are DAMN CHEAP!!! After converting, it cost about RM100 to RM150 for each suit, while the one I bought here in Malaysia cost about RM400++... FOR ONLY ONCE SUIT!!! See how big the differences is...

Casual jacket

    I like this white jacket because I can secretly gap lui wiith protection from the hood currently I don't have any white jacket. Tongue

Casual pants

Sporty set

Sport shoe

    More jerseys? I think I have about 20++ or maybe even 30 of them now. I will never get enough of jerseys like girls' that will never satisfy with their shoe collection. Hehe...

Samsonite laptop bag

    Thank you very muchie! Although I already thank them and I don't think they will come across my blog. ^_^

Posted at 10:37 am by Josh524

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