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Thursday, September 06, 2007

    I went to bed around 5am in the morning. The cause of it? I Dota'ing' until 5am loo... Well, I can't really sleep yet and I rolled around my bed until about 6am only my brain shut down and wanders off to an incredible journey to dreamland.

While I was sleeping...

    I was dreaming happily about Kym Jin Sha, when all of the sudden there is a song playing on the backgrond. I thought its part of the dream. So I ignore it for the first few seconds... MANA TAU...

It is not a dream after all

    That's my handphone ringtone, Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girl'. I lazily get up and reached for my phone... It was a KL number. I answered it even though I don't wan to. Might be something important? Here's how the conversation went...

Unknown : Hello. Good morning. May I speak to *disturbance occur*?
Me : Who? *Very blur*
Unknown : May I speak to Mr Andrew? *Damn noisy background*
Me : There is no Mr Andrew here. *Still damn blur*
Unknown : Really?
Me : Yes *Still blurring*
Unknown : Okay then bye.

    After she hanged up, I looked at the time.. IT WAS 15 MINUTES TO 9AM!!! What kind of people from any company will call at such early time? I can't think of anything to describe her besides Celaka (yes, I am scolding a female with celaka). That's what you get for waking me up for no reason. While I was still cursing here and there, the celaka call again...

Celaka : Hello, good morning. May I speak to Mr Andrew? *Still noisy*
Me : I told you there is no Mr Andrew *Frusting*
Celaka : There is no Mr Andrew?
Me : YES *Raising my voice abit*
Celaka : Is this 012 XXXXXXX?
Me : YESS *Voice higher than before*
Celaka : There is no Mr Andrew?
Me : NOOO *blood pressure increasing*
Celaka : Okay then bye.

    CELAKA! Playing a fool around is it? Called me two times in the span of 3minutes to ask for someone who I already mentioned its not me AND whoever this Andrew guy is, HE IS NOT USING THIS NUMBER! As I was still cursing her... The same number called again... Was thinking to pick up and scold her or something like that but I lazy to layan her and directly press 'Cancel' and switch on the silent mode. I continued my sleep and woke up later on she still call me for 4 more times... Celaka betul....

Lessons of the day

~~ I can be very offensive when someone disturb my sleep
~~ If you are trying to call a DAMN IMPORTANT customer/client, make sure you get his/her DAMN NUMBER right before calling
~~ To call a DAMN IMPORTANT customer/client PLEASE use a phone without disturbance or noise. Its DAMN irritating listening to all the "pili pala fili fala zi za zi za bi pak bi pak" noise when you are talking through the phone
~~ How CELAKA are you when I already said its the wrong number and you still call for a gazillion time? You think that who-so-ever Mr Andrew will pick up if you call me at different time?
~~ Avoid lengthy ringtones if possible (mine last for more than 2minutes, a big NO NO)
~~ Remember to switch to silent mode before you fall into sleep mode if you have sensitive ear

Should I change my ringtone?

Posted at 04:17 pm by Josh524

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