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Friday, September 07, 2007
My whole body is aching...

    As a result of playing basketball for an hour++... The last time I played was 4months ago... Pek San suggested to play at UNIM and I was tempted to agree. UNIM was pretty much the same, but without all the people walking around here and there. It was like... so peaceful and quiet. On a sidenote, Pek San is a terrible shooter great passer. Wouldn't want to comment much about that. Tongue

    After bballing, went to meet her friend Yoke Kim, Pek San's so called twin. Pek San told me that they are twin because they have ALOT in common. But then, I can spot ALOT of differences as well. So should they still be considered as twin? Shades Had dinner together at the new Rocteam restaurant at the old Station1 Kajang spot.

Pek San : Isn't this cute?
Me : Yes, it is cute.
Pek San : See, you also agreed.
Me : It looks just like you.
Pek San : *Staring at me with the intetion to rip me apart*

We are talking about this
thingie that belongs to Yoke Kim

My 'Winter' drink and her food

    Upon reaching home it was already almost 12am. After taking bath, I directly go online as usual. Brian IM me, something like this...

Referring to one of his scolarship documents

    Previosuly, we agreed before that when we are trying to be SARCASTIC, we will use all CAPS. I thought he was being sarcastic again this time, so my response is...

Sarcastic enough?

    Then he kept on going about this offer letter thingie that he lost, until at one time I SERIOUSLY asked if he really lost it. He DID misplaced that important document regarding his scholarship. I SERIOUSLY though he was being SARCASTIC since he did use all CAPS. Sorry for all the sarcastic replies... Hope you will be able to find it soon.

Posted at 04:47 pm by Josh524

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