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Friday, October 24, 2008
Introducing the siow and crazy Josh!!!

     Well, I have become a weirdo lately. People around me keeps catching me laughing or smiling to myself. Yes, isn't that weird? BUT I seriously can't help it! There has been alot of things going for the past week, and to me all these stuffs are kinda funny and hilarious in a way.

    So, I am trying so hard not to expose my teeth as I am writting this entry! OMFG... I am so so so so so crazy... Imagine your colleague looking at you trying so hard to prevent from smiling and laughing. Well, to them I am just another crazy fella but to me and some people involved, we know why are we having this laughing and smiling moments. ^_^

    Imagine, the same thing happen to me when I am back at my own room. YES! I will not control my laughter anymore! I just let it all come out! Even my cousin who is staying with me ask me if I am okay, why am I laughing facing the laptop and ask am I in love with my laptop.

    Well, yeah the truth is I am indeed in love with my laptop and the people I talk to. The past week or so had been very fun! I never got freaked out by a 9 year old kid until I know YOU. I never play the yelloebanana game until I know YOU. I never ever laugh and smile so hard while chatting until I know YOU. I never before have so much typo until I know YOU.

    To return to YOU what you did to me, I have reenact some photo of myself trying so hard not to laugh or smile during office hour. Hoping that in return, you will have a hard time containing your laugh or smile in front of anyone. ^_^

So yeah, stupid me... tsk tsk tsk

Posted at 02:13 am by Josh524
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