Entry: Anniversary Getaway for the New Year ^_^ Thursday, January 07, 2010

    Happy belated New Year, Merry belated Christmas and belated Boxing Day. Ya I know, once again I abandoned my blog for more than a week. Back to blogging business for now. To everyone who is reading this, how was your new year celebration?! As for me, I spent my NYE and the first 2 days of 2010 in Langkawi Island. Of course, I didn't go alone. ^_^

No prize for guessing correctly who I went with. XP

    Took the earliest ferry departing at 8.15am from Penang to Langkawi. Rented a car, checked in the hotel, did a mini shopping spree and its almost evening already! Went to a nearby place for our dinner. Jessiebi lead me to this mamak place that she went before.

Langkawieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Burger. XP

    Yeap, you read it righteeeeeeeeee. We both share a Weeeeee burger and it taste so good that we ate it immediately and we forgot to take a pic of the burger. Hahaha, but we did take a photo of what's left of the food that we ordered.

This is us with the rest of the food ^_^

    After dinner we drove all the way from Kuah Town to Cenang Beach to spend the final few hours of 2009 by the beach. Browse through the shops along the area before we finally settle down on a beach spot nearby Yellow Cafe. Its only roughly about 2 hours left to say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010.

Campfire with the Yellow Cafe's DJ spinning some great music

Fireworks galore from all over the beach

    Of course, the new year marks the first anniversary of me and Jessiebi. Felt like it just happened yesterday that I pop the golden question to her. Its been a year we are together and aside from the fact that we are in LDR, every moment spent with you is among the happiest time of my life. More anniversary celebration to come honz. ^_^

Chilling by the beach with me love

    The following day, we went back to Cenang beach. Our first mission of the day was to look for a nice place for reflexology. Encountered some shops that say they are 'too busy' to do JUST reflexology only. In other words, reflexology is the cheapest service available and they don't wanna waste time earning small amount while they can earn more within that time frame.

Finally settle down for reflexology

    We had recorded each other 'torturing' session, showing the most unglam moment of us for the year 2010. Still wondering shall I put them in my blog. Hee... After reflexology, we proceed on to the beach yet again. Instead of people drinking and partying like night time, the day time belongs to a totally different crowd. Kids playing with sands, people playing with beach volleyball and of course water sports are available as well.

We ride on a jet ski!!!

    We were both nervous since neither of us even ride a bike before. So nervous that we scared we might fall off from the jet ski in the middle of the ocean. But after a while, it was all good. Maneuver it around wasn't as tough as it looks. By the way, someone tried to steer it for a good 2 minutes before the nervous-ness kicks in. XP

Guess its 'the thing' for us to act silly at the background. XP

We are flying without wings!!!

    Walked around the beach while waiting for the sun to set. Unfortunately, the weather was very cloudy thus we can only see the partial of the sun set. After that, off we go to hunt for dinner! We were spoilt for choice as all the restaurant looks  equally inviting. Finally settle down for dinner at Rasa, a restaurant with interiors that looks like a traditional village.

The portion is just nice for two people ^_^

Jessiebi's personal favorite

Ah, reminds me of Japanese food


Nom nom nom, I miss the food already...

    Although the service is a bit slow, but the great food makes up for it. The price is affordable, as we spent less than RM100 for the meal. With food as good as these, it was definitely worth the price! Made our way back to hotel and have a mini drinking session between us. Got up the following day and off we go to Langkawi Wildlife Park.

Formerly known as Bird Paradise Wildlife Park

    It rain halfway when we were there. Animals on open area are returning to their shelters thus we didn't stay there too long. Did some last minute shopping back at Kuah Town before we made our way to the jetty. Hmmm, why good time flies so fast?

Farewell for now Langkawi!


January 8, 2010   10:56 AM PST
We didn't get to eat my roti telur again T_T hahaah im so gonna put ur reflexing video on my blog. muahaha! and *cough* not fair u made ur jump higher than mine -__- sauce is the bomb? NNNNOOOOOOOOOO SO MAD SPICY CAN DIE!! but me lovvvvesss the pineapple rice, calamaris and crabs. basically the whole trip was an adventure for me lah, esp jet skiing with u! hahaha i rmb i screamed lika madwoman when i was biking the huge jetski.

Had a blast with ya! Better next year! Much love <3
January 8, 2010   10:44 AM PST
happy anniversary! =)

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